REVIEW: ‘Akuri…And A Pinch Of Hope’ Will Change The Way You Look At Life!

In the day & age when glamour has conquered the entertainment space, Jamshid Roointon’s ‘Akuri…and a pinch of hope’ comes as a breath of fresh air with its story of a happy-go-lucky man’s encounter with another man who has lost all his hopes from life, at a Parsi Cafe. The film makes you realize that there’s still space for a clean & decent subject that could be relevant without being glossy.

This short film starts by walking the audience through the daily choirs of the character of Cyrus Irani which leads us into the Parsi Cafe. There he mets the annoying owner who is strictly business minded, after a short & funny encounter with him, Cyrus finds a seat for himself in the overly crowded cafe. He comes across a depressed Sadiq Sheikh who he shares a table with. Being the carefree individual he is & failing to notice the gloom on Sadiq’s face, Cryus goes onto rant about the condition of traffic in the city of Mumbai. At a point when Sadiq almost loses his control & tries to utter something taking enough of Cyrus’s nonsense, the duo is interrupted by the waiter with the order. Sadiq is then introduced to the recipe of Akuri, a Parsi styled scrambled eggs dish.

Cyrus goes on to compare the dish of Akuri to that of an emotion, a way of life. Distinguishing between the taste of Akuri & other scrambled eggs, Sadiq questions of what makes it different from the rest. That’s when Cyrus indulges Sadiq in a guessing game where for each bite taken Sadiq would have to guess an ingredient. Commencing with the presence of egg, Cyrus compares human beings to the egg that gets scrambled between knives which appear to be our problems & commitments in life. As he goes onto guessing more ingredients, Cyrus compares those tastes to the different experiences of life, some been salty, some spicy & some sour. They go onto to discover how hardwork & passion combine their efforts in making an individual move forward towards the goals of life. Cyrus then reveals a secret ingredient of Milk used in preparing Akuri, which gives life hope & positivity. We’re then introduced to the tagline for life coined by Cyrus, “Never Leave The Rope Of Hope” (Fun Fact: The introductory ‘Hope Ki Rope’ song has been crooned by celebrated Singer Shaan).

After this unforgettable encounter, the film shifts to focus on the life of Sadiq who runs through voice flashes of how screwed his life is in his mind. He recalls the moment right before he had met Cyrus where he promised God that a cigarette which he was about to smoke would be his life’s last cigarette. However, he fails to get it lit realizing that this wasn’t going to be the end of his journey of life. Sadiq then gets up to hug Cyrus & thanks him for showing him the true meaning of life through the delicacy of Akuri.

What happens after a few months when Cyrus receives an unknown parcel at the Parsi cafe is what you must find out by watching this short film produced by Axis Jump Films.


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