It’s World Oceans Day, let’s discover the Andaman Islands

The Vibe, an immersive content destination creates original content about culture, lifestyle, experiences, places and people, releases its web-series –  Away From Home | Discovering the Andaman Islands, on the occasion of World Oceans Day.

The ocean is the heart of our planet and connects people across the Earth, no matter where we live. Away From Home is an experiential travelogue that takes you on a journey to all those magical spots in the Andamans that are nestled in the Indian Ocean. Hosted by marine conservationist and diving instructor Tara Jain, the series discovers the unexplored, untouched beauty of Islands.

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Filmed and Edited by Rohan Thakur and Bharati Bahrani, Away From Home is the second chapter and a follow-up to their debut series, Way Back Home – A Himalayan Travelogue.

“There are so many interesting things that people do that inspire us. We are always on the lookout for an authentic story thats worth sharing with the world. Were all about retaining the true vibe of whatever we do in our content and were excited to share these stories and watch them convert as experiences for you.” says Asad Abid, the executive producer of the series.


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