Muvizz, a Paradise for Underrated Cinema hungry Viewers

In the day and age where same old rom-coms, masala 100 crore hits and star rivalry have dominated the Indian film industry which includes the mainstream Bollywood and regional cinema, Muvizz comes as a saviour for advent content driven cinema lovers who get trapped in the non sense the audience is being served in the name of films today. is a Video On Demand (VOD) platform where one can register to subscribe as a member to order and view cult classics to path breaking films that distinct themselves from today’s identical movies. It typically defines itself as, “A SOCIAL platform for online streaming of CURATED list of CULT, CLASSIC and INDEPENDENT films.” As a true cinema fan, what more could you ask for?

Face of, celebrated actor Manoj Bajpayee

Face of, celebrated actor Manoj Bajpayee

The story of how the need of the hour, came into existence is quite interesting. According to, founder Abhayanand Singh who as an investment banker based in Singapore would have to wait for 6 long months to watch a movie critics and audiences would rave about back in his motherland, India. His passion for movie viewing couldn’t test his patience when he wasn’t able to watch the path breaking ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ when he wanted to and that’s when he thought of doing something about it. He met his friend Piyush Singh who is a TV serial and documentary producer and days of contemplating gave birth to ‘’. Today, a passionate Manoj Bajpayee makes up the core team of this venture.

Offering a selected range of motion pictures, the platform intends to open house to socially active cine-goers in order to create a community and interact about their love for a particular film’s subject, performance of an artist, social issues raised in a film and also share their experiences of watching the films the arena of offers.

With two distinct goals of Curation Of Content and Social Community, the film categories of with languages like Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and Marwadi are as follows:

  1. Award Winning

A collection of full length National Award winning movies, award winning short films and other award winning films, this section of has films one cannot afford to miss. Bollywood classics like Anari, Bandini and Do Bigha Zameen to movies that recently became the talk to the town like The Dirty Picture, Firaaq and Traffic Signal make up this amazing display. Short films like Dor feat. Parineeti Chopra and regional films like Antareen are icing on the cake for this list.


2.  Documentary

With the addition of new releases this section has the best documentary films to offer. Music documentaries like Knowing Pancham and Ashgari Bai give the music lovers a journey to remember by travelling into the lives of music legends. The free online documentaries list includes both Hindi and English versions of A World Without Horizons and the award winning Uncaging The Body. History documentaries by the likes of Hallucinogen Honey Hunters and In Search Of Aseemun are bound to gives the audience shivers about the past.


3.  Short Film

Web is something that binds us all and the youth is most attracted to gaining access to short films that narrate a story in almost less than half and hour which has romance, action and thrill. Bringing the best Hindi short films from Whistling Woods, gives one access to watch short films online where most of them are free. Their specialization in this category is the line up of comedy short films that are thoroughly enjoyable.


4.  Feature Film

There are films that have touched our hearts and bring back emotions of watching them for the first time, they are called the ‘Classics’ and few such memorable ones have been brought together in this section of the website. Animated feature films for kids and feature films for families are listed in. Films like Baraah Anna, Gauri, Blackmail, Black and Ishqiya will keep you entertained for the week.


5.  Pay Per View

What’s more convenient than to be able to pay for only what you see? This feature takes the Video On Demand ability of the website to a new level where one can enjoy movies from all over the country which consist of Aankhen, Amar Akbar Anthony, Bakula Namdeo Ghotale, Er Bonga Local among many others.


Yourstory has revealed that co-founder Piyush who is responsible for the happenings in India for this venture is in the process to raise series A. The funding and earning through advertisements on videos and Pay Per Views are being invested in:

  1. Acquiring contracts (for content).
  2. Technology: Developing the mobile app and a few technology enhancements (capabilities/tools) on website to provide a better experience of watching titles.
  3. Grow the community of cinephiles through online and offline efforts.

Check out what the ‘Friendz Of Muvizz‘ have to say about this initiative to deliver content driven cinema and create an online movie lovers community:

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#TheFanBoi sure is excited to dim the lights and enjoy a film from the varied selection by Team Muvizz every weekend. So what are you waiting for? Log on to and make the Movie Buff in you happy as ever!


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