Designer Rajneeral Babuta promotes peace & love at ‘Shaan – E – Pakistan’ with showstopper Aditi Govitrikar

When the unwanted tension at the border is viewing new sun of hopes with a talk between the two nations for strengthening relations, the lady who needs no introduction, Rajneeral Babuta has added her talent into witnessing harmony with beautiful colors through her designs this year. When the name gets announced people directly relate her name to the fashion Industry. Rajneeral has already made her mark in the fashion industry as she talks fashion, walks in fashion and definitely rocks in fashion!

Rajneeral recently showcased her collection that depicts love, prosperity and peace at a fashion event. And to grace the show for Rajneeral Babuta, Actor & model Aditi Govitrikar, popularly known as the beautiful doctor who appeared on Khatron Ke Khiladi & Bigg Boss, was there as a showstopper. Aditi  looked absolutely gorgeous in Navy blue and Golden, an ensemble by Vhanaah. Check her attire out for yourself below:

The gorgeous Aditi Gowitrikar


To add vigour and glamour, Rajneeral has opted to showcase her collection in 3 colours: white, green and black.

The event is titled as Shaan-e-Pakistan and relating to it she has assigned particular colour to her theme, white colour depicts peace and through her collection she is promoting the same. The green colour depicts prosperity and success which means her collection promotes prosperity of both the nations together. Last but not the least black, Black colour depicts the royalty and that is something we love to carry!

Actress Aditi Gowitrikar with Designer Rajneeral Babuta and the models

#TheFanBoi hopes and wishes that Rajneeral’s spirit of a hand towards friendship and love through her beautiful collection reaches out to the citizens of both the Nations and no external factor breaks that bond that we share with our Neighbours. #PeaceAndLove


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